Berghaus Product catalogue

Our new product catalog gives you an overview of our extensive product range on 84 colored pages. With well over 200 illustrations and detailed explanations, we present you the strength and diversity of Peter Berghaus GmbH: Innovative traffic technology from a single source - of course directly from the manufacturer.


ProTec 50 City –
für sichere Stadtbaustellen.

ProTec 50 –
die leichte Schutzwand.

ProTec 100 –
unser Bestseller.

ProTec 120 –
die kompakte Schutzwand.

ProTec 121 –
hervorragender Wirkungsbereich.

ProTec 160 –
Sicherheit im Baustellenbereich.

ProTec-Tor 50 –
Schnellzugang für Rettungskräfte.