Transportable control device for crossroads signal systems

EPB 6000 S

Fully electronic control device

The fully electronic control device EPB 6000 S complies with all specifications of the VDE 0832 and RiLSA (Directives for Signal Light Installations) for cable-controlled systems as well as with the Technical Terms of Delivery (TL) for Transportable Signal Light Installations 97, type class D.

Up to 6 signal groups can be controlled via the control device EPB 6000 S. Using a laptop the following operation modes can be programmed:

  • Standard operation
  • Traffic-related operation with green time extension
  • Traffic-related operation with "Green on demand" mode and green time extension
  • Traffic-related operation with "Green on demand" mode only (all-red system)
  • Blink operation
  • Dark operation
  • Manual operation with breakpoints
  • Two units connection with 2 signal systems (12 signal groups)
  • 6 time-of-day programmes also for traffic-related operation

By connecting a printer to the control device it is at any time possible to print the phase diagrams as well as the individual switch points, malfunction reports and the intermediate time matrix. 
The following monitoring functions are built in the control unit: monitoring of red light, green status, intermediate time, computer and cycle, as well as green-green locking. The control unit is installed into a switch box. 

Order No.: EP 6000 S

EPB 6000 S

EPB 6000 S