Marking foil and accessories

Marking Studs and Tapes

  • Pavement marking tape

    Pavement marking tape

  • Thick-layer marking foil

    Thick-layer marking foil

  • Primer


Temporary pavement marking tape BAST-Prof-No. 95 1A 11.26 

This tape is free of all potentially harmful substances. It is self-adhesive, reflective and used when traffic direction needs to be changed. The tape is easily laid and can be used on asphalt or concrete surfaces.

100 m Roll yellow 12 cm wide Order-Nr. MG 4650
100 m Roll white 12 cm wide Order-Nr. MG 4651
100 m Roll yellow 15 cm wide Order-Nr. MG 4652
100 m Roll black 12 cm wide  Order-Nr. MG 4653

Thick-layer marking foil  

This foil is free of all pollutants. It is highly suitable for long-term roadwork measures. This foil is reflecting with net reinforcement. The higher stability of this foil means it is very easy to remove markings.

Available in:Type I or Type II, 12 and 15 cm wide, yellow or white
Thick-layer marking foil and primer available on request


We recommend the preparation of the surface with primer, enabling the marking tape can be easily laid and removed afterwards. After approx. 10 minutes drying time the tape can be laid. 5l of primer a required per 100 m tape.

7 kg container: Order-No. MP 4601
35 kg container: Order-No. MP 4600