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Cable-Connected Running Light Systems

The  complete running light systems type AL 12V / 24V, type LB 12 and type LL 12 each consist of 10 identical lamps with built-in electronics which are connected by 13m cables. 
A separate controller connecting each lamp with one cable is no longer necessary. Power supply is provided by one cable connected to any of these 10 lamps.  Three different models are available:

Three different models are available:

Modular running light system type AL 12V / 24V

Function: In this modular light system the lamps switch on in sequence before all going off simultaneously. The process then begins all over again.

Version with 10 halogen lights: 12 V DC / 5 W
Power consumption: (12 V): day 2.4 A / night 2.9 A | (24 V): day: 1.4 A / night 1.6 A
Order-No.: W 5290

Version with 10 LED lights 
NEW: Also available with LED technology!

Advantages of LED technology

  • Power consumption is considerable reduced
  • Almost 100% reduction in phantom light because of a design-registered LED prism system
  • Optimum illumination of the lens by the prism system (no individual LEDs are visible)
  • Almost constant luminous intensity, even when accumulator voltage is falling
  • The manufacturer guarantees an 8-10 year service life for the LEDs
  • Very good visibility of the lights, even from the side angle areas

Power consumption: (12 V): day (night 1.4 A | (24 V): day/night 0.7 A
Order No.: W 5285

Electronic flash running light system Type LB 12

Funktion: Bei der Elektronenblitz-Lauflichtanlage blitzen die einzelnen Leuchten kurz nacheinander auf und gehen sofort wieder aus. Es entsteht der optische Eindruck eines ''wandernden“ Blitzlichtes.
Best.-Nr.: W5307

Blinking running light system LL 12

Function: In this blinking running light system the lamps blink shortly one after the other and go off instantly. This process gives the visual impression of a "moving blinking light". 
Order No.: W 5308

Version with 10 LED lamps Order No.: W 5308L

All models in a running light system are 100% identical. The innovative electronics in the lamps mean that these systems even manage without a separate controller. Berghaus running light systems stand out among others with the following advantages:

  • Power supply possible at any lamp, therefore only low line losses
  • Every light can be used in every position, reducing the number of spare parts that need to be kept in stock
  • Electronic reverse polarity protection, i.e. reverse polarity will not damage the control
  • Electronic undervoltage protection prevents total discharge and protects the battery 
  • Swift cable installation (only necessary from lamp to lamp)

Optional accessories: 

  • Battery 12V / 170Ah, Order No.: A 46000 
  • Plastic battery casing box, Order No.: BL 1251 
Cable-Connected Running Light Systems

Cable-Connected Running Light Systems

Akku 12V/170Ah

Akku 12V/170Ah

Plastic battery casing box, Order No.: BL 1251  Lockable

Plastic battery casing box, lockable