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SMS-Monitoring System for traffic lights

Always up to date: our SMS module gives you the opportunity to conveniently query several major functions of our mobile traffic light systems by hand at any time en route; the information can also be relayed automatically by SMS, fax or e-mail. The SMS monitoring system is suitable for most Berghaus traffic light systems. This applies to our portable cross-roads controllers type EPB 12 and EPB 48, and also to our mobile traffic-light systems for controlling alternating one-way traffic, T-junction and cross-roads traffic type MPB 3200, MPB 3400 and MPB 4400. The SMS system naturally also offers a major advantage for servicing MPB traffic light systems running on 12V batteries as it also constantly monitors the batteries of the individual signal heads. When the battery voltage starts to fall in any signal head in the traffic light system, an early battery warning is sent to the maintenance technician, for example. Altogether, up to four subscribers can be informed by SMS, fax or e-mail for every particular event. The software of the SMS module can be programmed to allocate the individual reporting events individually to each subscriber.

When sending an SMS message to the service technician, the SMS monitoring module can also store the respective office fax number or email address to pass on information about the arrangements for the pending battery change in the next few days. Automatic monitoring of all batteries in the complete traffic light system and timely information to the service staff prevents flat batteries from causing traffic light failure. This also helps to avoid unexpected and therefore certainly also expensive emergency servicing to attend to flat batteries at night or at the weekend.

Together with the battery warning, the SMS message can also include a possible red lamp fault or a status fault (e.g. transmission error in radio or cable mode) to the required group of recipients. Having fault messages sent directly by SMS, fax or e-mail to the emergency service phone means the fault messages arrive before the problem is reported to you by the police. At the same time, you have recorded verification about how long the traffic light system was out of use and when it started to work properly again: the end of the fault is also reported by SMS, fax or e-mail to the previously named recipient.

SMS remote monitoring can certainly also be retrofitted to your already existing mobile Berghaus traffic light systems type MPB or EPB.

SMS notification

SMS notification