• Transportable Roadworks Traffic Signal System Type MPB 3400

Transportable Roadworks Traffic Signal Systems

Transportable Roadworks Traffic Signal System Type MPB 3400

The latest radio transmission technology gives the MPB 3400 a reliable digital radio path with high-quality transmission. The multi-frequency version of the traf c light can be supplied with up to 16 radio channels on request.

  • tested as per TL-LSA 97 for alternating one-way traffic, T-junctions and crossroads control (to comply with the TL-LSA, traffic lights in Germany have to be wired for crossing traffic  ows).
  • clearly arranged controls: all at a glance.
  • standard halogen lamps or innovative LED technology with night-time reduction feature on request.
  • all signal heads identical: can be extended immediately by simply adding more signal heads to obtain T-junction or crossroads control – also by radio.
  • in contrast to competing suppliers, a crossroads traffic light consists of four identical full traffic lights that can be combined at random, instead of one transmitter and three receivers.
  • vehicle-actuated control with directional radar detectors.
  • different modes can also be mixed, for example: main road with green phase extension and side road (or roadworks exit) on request.
More Information:


  • automatic fixed phase mode
  • automatic green phase extension
  • automatic green on request (request mode, basic setting: continuous red)
  • continuous red for radio and cable operation
  • manual operation from any traffic light in radio or cable mode
  • manual operation (continuous green) in quartz mode manual operation (continuous red) in quartz mode 
  • lamps off
  • flashing

Standard features include:

  • red monitoring and status monitoring
  • green/green interlocking
  • illuminated information display showing battery status, cycle second, operating status, radar detector function, manual operation,  eld strength for multi-frequency mode, plain text fault display and much more besides.
  • night-time reduction (for far longer battery change intervals)
  • aluminium battery casing to take two 12V / 170Ah batteries (with statics testing).

Innovative technology with simple operation at a glance.


The mobile traffic-light system MPB 3400 can be used either with radio, cable or quartz control. The standard version is designed for controlling bottleneck situations (with extension also for T-junctions* or crossroads*). The VA version of the MPB 3400 has directional radar detectors as a standard feature to warrant reliable vehicle-actuated operation. The MPB 3400 is quickly installed and is easy to operate intuitively without any special previous knowledge.


The clearly arranged controls for MPB 3400 are extremely easy to operate, and can be clearly read even when switched off. Radio, cable or quartz control is chosen with the function switch.

The mode switch then selects the required setting. Fixed-phase, request and green phase extension mode can be chosen separately for every traf c light and even mixed in combination.

All signal heads are identical so that the user decides which signal heads will function as transmitter and which as receiver with active feedback.

The necessary clearance times (interim times) and the green phases are adjusted with the knob on the transmitter and receiver controller. These times can also be adjusted separately in each direction for radio or cable operation.

The illuminated info display even provides information about the other side in radio or cable mode. As a result, it is possible e.g. to read off the signal and cycle status or see a pending fault (e.g. battery warning) in manual mode at every signal head.

Technical data

Operation voltage approx. 8-14V DC (electronic reverse polarity protection as well as under- and over-voltage protection; no loss of data when changing the battery)
Power consumption mean per signal head: approx. 0.89 A (halogen)
mean per signal head: approx. 0.43A (LED)
Lamps 12V / 10W halogen (commercially available) – or optimised power-saving LED modules on request
Fuse 4 A, 5 x 20 mm, medium time lag (commercially available)
Control types fixed phase, vehicle-actuated operation with green phase extension, vehicle-actuated operation with green on request, continuous red, manual operation, ashing, lamps off
Datatransmission cable or digital radio path
Radio path max. length up to 2,000m under ideal conditions

* In the export version, T-junctions or crossroads can also be controlled with the digital radio path. Automatic changeover between radio and quartz operation in bottleneck situations can be activated on request.

Mobile traffic-light system type MPB 3400 – for universal use with radio, cable and quartz control.

Mobile traffic-light system type MPB 3400 – for universal use with radio, cable and quartz control.

Operation MPB 3400

The clearly arranged controls for MPB 3400 are extremely easy to operate, and can be clearly read even when switched off.